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November 13, 2007



Unfortunately, I have to admit that the bathroom is the best place for me to use as a quiet place. I am thankful to have a privacy door to the toilet area, and the small space prohibits the use of a desktop or even laptop computer. It's the only place I can have dedicated alone time, and I am able to read the Word and take notes. While I can't play music, it does a good job of blocking out a cell phone signal which keeps me off of my Smartphone by precluding receiving calls and getting email. With a wife and three kids, the bathroom is the only place that sends a clear "do not disturb" message.

liz rios

Hi there again. I read this book with my team back in NYC. My church also had Pete at our home church. He also wrote another one Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. I gotta tell you these books are MUSTs for people in leadership it totally rocks your world and helps you face yourself.

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