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March 20, 2008


Gordon Me 1/2 e

Janie, their star player is from Pike in Indy.

Jose Lopez

I have them beating Drake...and I think that's about it. Still, they're my 12 over 5 pick this year.


Congratulations, Janie! What an exciting ending to a game! I was pulling for Drake....but am happy for you... :)
Now I am 17-3....
Best in the office pool....If only I had picked WKY!


I must ask your forgiveness, Janie, for not picking those hot Hilltoppers. I think they have a chance to win their next game. I just sent Jeanie out to buy a red towel.


I'm proud of you for changing your loyalties, Stan. I can teach you the words to the fight song before Sunday.


Go WKU and your weird red mascot!!!


Janie, I'm sorry about your Hilltoppers. Even though they busted my bracket, I was still rooting for them to win last night. Still, they did an awesome job!!

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