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June 05, 2008



Ok, Vanity plates...vanity decision! I think the organ donor one matches best. I like the children's cause...but the colors are too retro for me.

Let us know which one you pick!

Jose Lopez

Under no circumstances should you pick any Florida teams. No dolphins, marlins, heat - none of that. I might be biased, but hey, I can be. Anyways, I vote for the parents make a difference plate.

Brian Brunke

I like the john lennon "imagine" plate...it could be a conversation starter????



Imagine, definitely. An extremely dangerous, high premium, hot car like her just can't be seen wearing an ordinary plate. This is the one that will go best with her bustier. And besides, it helps keep the pantry full. A girls' gotta bring in the bacon somehow!

Libby Sherrill

O.K. Janie & Matt, here are my picks:
1.d. Support Juvenile Crime Prevention and Early intervention - You never how you will affect someone, hopefully for good and maybe, just maybe you may be able to turn someone's life around.

2.b. Support Organ Donation - parts are parts. When my spirit has departed, hopefully I will be in good health and my parts may help someone else. At least they may be used for research.


I'm voting strictly on color since I think all of the causes would be great to support. My #1 is the light blue Imagine plate. #2 is the sunset Organ Donor plate. I think the light blue is much more "VW." Maybe I like that one because I hope to have a Beetle again someday...the light blue convertible. :)

Nicole Lopez

I vote for the Image plate. I think it fits not only the car but you and Matt.


thank you for considering the organ donor plate, even if it is just cuz of the color! haha... i can't believe matt doesn't want it. tell him to do it in my honor... lol. j/k! if IN had one, i'd rock it!

Laura P

I'm all about the kids so I would pick Invest in Children. But I also support Organ Donation so that would be my second choice.

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