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July 24, 2008


Evan McBroom

Combining your two ideas (eating and spending) we found we were eating out way too often as a family. So for the month of july, we only ate out once per week as a family (this didn't include my lunches or an occasional bagle for the kids) but family dinners were at home. I'm sure we saved a bunch. As a total cheepskate, I promised my kids a big dinner out for good grades earlier this year - I'm giving them that big party dinner while we're on vacation (when we would have eaten out anyway!) Food and finances. Too much food. Too little finances. Hmmmm.....


Let me piggyback on Evan's comment. During the month of June we ate dinner out 27 of the 30 days. Although there are just the two of us we spent over $600 for those 27 dinners. We've already made a significant reduction for July and will continue that trend.

Leah Norton

Oh -- we love to eat out! We've cut back some, but not enough probably. One way we've been saving is we've been driving our Honda around town more and using our mini-van less (especially on the weekends and for a recent road trip). We've saved quite a bit in gas $$. And our young daughters call our Honda our "sports car." They think low to the ground and lots of windows with wind blowing means "sports car." Gotta love it!

Alicia Mey

Last month I focused on cutting out my favorite morning ritual...STARBUCKS!!! It was tough but I made it through and then realized I didn't miss it that much. I saved $72!!! Now I know why Starbucks is closing so many locations. Hugo and I also looked at our life style and decided something were luxuries and we could do without: someone to cut our grass, wireless internet for laptops, NFL Direct TV package etc. And we bought a Hybrid last december....WE LOVE IT. Less than $40 to fill it up:o)

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