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August 13, 2008



Debbie Gibson! I can't even remember the names of the songs, but I loved her! Oh, and my favorite Beatles song is "In My Life." A very good friend (that can sing like Aaron Neville) sang that for us at our wedding.


that series sounds awesome! can't wait to see some 80s pics!! have fun in the 'ville! :)

Jose Lopez

My prom theme in 93 was "I Will Always Love You." To think that only 98% of all the other schools used it that year.

As far as retro, how about DC Talk's "Jesus is still alright"? Or maybe "Spirit in the Sky" by that one guy (I want to say Hank Greenbaum but I am not sure).

Jose Lopez

I heard a song on that radio that would be perfect!! The theme from the Greatest American Hero!! (Believe it or not/I'm walking on air/never thought I could be so free-e-e). Matt could even borrow my cape!!! What do you think?


The quintessential 80's cover would be an emotional "Friends are friends forever." I remember my 1988 graduating class promising to stay friends...haha.

Matt Mehaffey

We should totally cover "The Future is so Bright ... I gotta Wear Shades" for the 80's week.


Sad that one of my favorite games as a kid (Simon) is incorporated into a graphic with other things that preceded me completely. Also, I can't give you much on the music. I got grounded for a week when my parents found a George Michael tape in my sock drawer. I think I was 8. Michael Jackson was out of the question.

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