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August 14, 2008



The Police, Sting's solo album was played until the tape broke, I played U2 a lot to keep up with the coolness, The Smiths, Peter Cetera, Richard Marx (the girls liked him), Information Society, Depeche Mode, 10,000 Maniacs, Till Tuesday, and most of all my favorite was Madonna...if we're talking about 80's


ABBA (I had a crush on the blond), The Carpenters (I had a crush on Karen), Carly Simon (I had a crush on Carly), the Eagles (no crush that I can remember, although I am told that Henley and Frey had me in mind when they wrote Desparado)

Jen Hills

I must say that Wilson Philips was my first secular "TAPE" and anytime I hear them I think of 6th grade. Or even old school Amy Grant. Oh and one time my 8th grade boyfriend dedicated a Brian Adams song to me over the radio...that brings back fun memories :)

What a fun series!


O.k. So I was at Fort Campbell, Ky living in Clarksville, TN in the early 80's then living in Germany in the late 80's while you were in high school. What do I remember now that I am old? Wellllll - somebody did kill J.R. but I can't remember who. Maybe some of your friends remember. Then there was Dynasty and Knots Landing. Of course there was Alice (remember big hair Flo. I once had a boss who looked like |Flo) and Welcome Back Carter (John Travolta was young then) Music - one must remember Toto "Out of Africa" REO Speedwagon and Journey. Keep in mind E.T. phone home, the Gremlins, Indiana Jones and the Goonies - this is our time. Out of the 70's your sister - Libby.

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