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September 23, 2008


Jose Lopez

Janie, thank you for being socially responsible in doing your civic duty. I wish more people were like you.

Hopefully there aren't any chads, or else Florida will need to go old school and have people drop rocks in a hole.

Jen Hills

I can't believe that you have already been called to jury duty?!? I too would find it fascinating to sit on a jury--although my experiences in the court room have not been pleasant. Way to be a true civil servant! :)

Bye friend!

Stacy Mehaffey

Hey Janie, I've been there and it was not fun. I spent a day with a so called "jury of my peers" that just could not grasp the concept that a turn signal turns off when the steering wheel of a vehicle turns back to it's resting position. It is truly scary to think that people with no common sense or ability to reason are the ones determining the guilt or innocence of us all.


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