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September 18, 2008



Beautiful picture of life!!! "Facing the Gigantic" have you ever seen? I love it. But answering you, in this right moment, I see life as a guitar. You don't do nothing if you don't accept the challenge of getting the instrument and start playing. Why? Because I'm learning how to play guitar by myself right now, and I keep trying and trying. It's pretty complicated sometimes. My hands and fingers look tiny to the guitar lol, and even hurts a little!!! but I keep trying. Life... So many things to do, dreams to realize.. look like each chord we are not able to do, and God comes and make us able to :D (that's what He is doing with me! keep the secret please i want this as a surprise to my dad :D! God gave me a song last night and I could play in this morning!!)
I can picture life as a beautiful "guitar" lol we just need to accept the challeng of living!!
Hi! this is Pr. Zeca's doughter ;)
Heard a lot about you! Good things! lol Thanks for blessing in so many ways my sister and my dad ;)
God bless you! Byezzz ;)

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