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October 12, 2008


Jen Hills



This is so amazing, so God.


I cannot explain what an honor it was to have been there. Let alone, to have been involved in the promise of salvation that God has allowed us all.

Frank is a one of a kind individual who has always been exemplary in the qualities that God wants us all to have. His wonderful and very special wife Yanice has been praying for this event to take place for quite a while...and we know that God answers the prayers of the faithful.

Frank is a great friend and neighbor...I truly can't imagine a better one of either. Now I know that in eternity, he will still be a great friend and neighbor. May God bless and protect Frank as he protects us all.


Thank you for this Blog. I really needed to hear this today.


that is awesome! praise God!

p.s. i love it that you have inxs on your pod. no justin timberlake?

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