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May 05, 2008



I was just listening to your message on Leaving Control for Faith. While I haven't finished listening, I thought you'd like to know that my father-in-law authored a book entitled "Out of Egypt". His name is Charles Crismier III. Didn't know if you'd want to check it out. He's a VERY Godly man! Post ya' later!

Daria Sturgis

Dave and I saw the chicken/bike guy, too. We did not see anyone famous, though.


Oh my goodness, I thought he was in jail!
When I went to SoBo I saw that chicken man; missed Paris though.

Evan McBroom

where these pictures taken before or after your dog threw up in the back of your freshly cleaned car? glad you had a fun day.


Evan ... the picture with me is "before;" with Matt is "after." We're still out-waiting each other on the clean up. :(

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