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January 02, 2009



Awww..he is a little adorable thing. What big love you guys have in your hearts that you will share with that baby. I love him name! Congrats from Orlando. Jared and Jocelyn

Scott Cheatham

Congrats Matt! What a life changing journey you've entered into. My first is getting married in July and I remember when I took her home at Chase's size. My how the time flies.

Best wishes for the "Pursuit" church in '09. Keep my church plant in your prayers if you are so inclined!


Congrats Matt and Janie. I am so excited for you guys. So now two of our network will have kids under 1 year old. Chris Hornbrook has his little girl on Dec 28th.


Wow! I needed to hear great news today and this is just amazing! I am SO excited for the two of you...and the name is no surprise either :)

I will be praying as the bond begins...

Way to live James 1:27 my friends. Simply Amazing!

Jen Hills

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