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February 03, 2009


Kelly B

Adorable! You have to be SOOO excited!!


he is so cute matt! his cheeks are even more pinchable than sam's!


How sweet is that second picture?! Ella and Addy were (are) both thumb suckers...it's just so cute. He is a handsome little guy!


Wow. He's amazing. That little guy has no idea of the awesome plans that God has for his life and how blessed he's gonna be to have you guys as parents. Congrats on getting the home study stuff done too.


Happy for you and Janie on the adoption of your little guy. It is one awesome journey.
I know God will present himself to the both of you during this season. He did for Kelly and me. Take care man, keep your head down and stay focused on the important. I liked the Le Tub post. I am going to use it soon.


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